What would it cost to replace mom?


When it comes to life insurance, all incomes are created equal. According to the Pew Research Center, “mothers are the primary breadwinners in four-in-ten U.S. families. In nearly half (46%) of households with a mother and father, both parents are employed full time, up from 31% in 1970." If mom is working 9-5 and bringing home half the bacon, then her life needs to be covered. After all, the basic purpose of life insurance is to replace lost income in the event of tragic circumstances. Both breadwinners should have life insurance to make sure that the family can continue to pay the bills, put food on the table, and keep the roof over their heads even if something unexpected happened.

Life insurance isn’t just for working moms. In fact, replacing Mom would cost $162,581 per year.


$3,251,620 is the amount of money the average American household would need over 20 years to replace Mom if she was no longer around. Seem like a lot? Think about all the tasks Mom does in one day, and now consider their value over 20 years—how much would it cost to pay someone else to do all of the things that a stay-at-home mother does for her children?

Instead of trying to calculate a salary complete with overtime like some studies, we wanted to focus on the replacement value of Mom. We matched up wage data with the tasks that Mom tackles for free every day, and it’s pretty clear that Mom is even more valuable than we already knew.

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